Angela Davis

“On any given day there are almost 2.5 million people in our country’s jails, prisons and military prisons, as well as in jails in Indian country and immigrant detention centers. It is a daily census, so it doesn’t reflect the numbers of people who go through the system every week or every month or every year. The majority are people of color. The fastest-growing sector consists of women—women of color. Many are queer or trans. As a matter of fact, trans people of color constitute the group most likely to be arrested and imprisoned. Racism provides the fuel for maintenance, reproduction, and expansion of the prison-industrial complex.”

From Freedom is a Constant Struggle. Pg 59.

Steel & Stone

Steel bars
Stone walls
Steel mind
Stone heart

Caged like a beast
The beast is me
Forever lost
In this insanity

Stone floor
Steel trap
Stone cold
Steel gaze

Broken inside
Want to break out
Trying to be heard
My silent shout