Deleuze & Guattari

"Even in the realm of theory, especially in the realm of theory, any precarious and pragmatic framework is better than tracing concepts, with their breaks and progress changing nothing. Imperceptible rupture, not signifying break. The nomads invented a war machine in opposition to the State apparatus. History has never comprehended nomadism, the book has never comprehended the outside. The State as the model for the book and for thought has a long history: logos, the philosopher-king, the transcendence of the Idea, the interiority of the concept, the republic of minds, the court of reason, the functionaries of thought, man as legislator and subject. The State's pretension to be a world order, and to root man. The war machine's relation to an outside is not another "model"; it is an assemblage that makes thought itself nomadic, and the book a working part in every mobile machine, a stem for a rhizome." (From Deleuze & Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus (pg 24)


War Drums

I walk all night, I walk all day
Corporate Lies, lead astray
This blistering heat, has got me beat
Can you hear the war drums

They sit and wait
As we decide their fate
Edge of their seat, they watch TV
Can you hear the war drums

Across the sky
Low fly-by
Was that a shot, I hope not
Can you hear the war drums

Through sweat and fear
We draw quite near
Merely a whisper upon keen ears
Can you hear the war drums

The lights go out
There is no doubt
Time to fight on hallowed night
The war drums are here