Never Forget?

They often say not to forget
9/11 oh how they wept
Two towers fell
Two thousand died
Wars to come they justified
Bomb Afghans
Bomb Iraq
Fight and fight, another attack

Now we come home
Commit suicide
We try to run
We try to hide
But shame and trauma are deep within
The blood stained flag can’t cover it
But here’s some pills and take some drugs
Thanks for being corporate America’s thugs

While you raged 
While you wailed
They stole our money
They made their way
The cost of war is at 5 trillion
Every day another billion
Who cares about schools or healthcare
A fraction of the cost but funding nowhere

They tell you again not to forget
They only tell you some of it
Forget the innocent 
Forget the lies
Don’t worry about foreigners 
“They deserved to die”
Even the women and the children
Just forget for 9/11

Since that day in early September 
So many things we choose not to remember
All the bombs
All the drones
The millions who now have no homes 
So don’t tell me to never forget
Your blinded rage has caused this shit
Hundreds of thousands innocent dead

All to appease your revenge