Happy Birthday

June 9th 2000: The Devils win the Stanley Cup! 
Garett’s carrying a keg above his head. 
This place is CRAZY!

June 9th 2001: Twenty one! Limousine! Downtown Denver!
Avs beat the Devils in the Stanley Cup!
The Hungry Strangers are born!

June 9th 2002: Wow this year has been crazy!
Joined the Army, 9/11 happened, Went to basic
No we’re in Germany drinking at O’shea’s for our Birthday

June 9th 2003: Kosovo, this place is hell!
Cold in the winter, hot in the summer...
What the Fuck are we doing here?

June 9th 2004: Damn, I wish we were back in Kosovo, Iraq sucks!
130 degrees outside...
And guess what, getting shot at on he birthday! Fuck!

June 9th 2005: Been out of the military for 9 days. Should I be happy? 
My grandmother’s in the hospital and is going to die.
Why don’t I feel anything?

June 9th 2006: One more drink to help me forget
One more pill to kill the pain
Fighting for the numbness, that I hate so much...

June 9th 2007: It gets better, if you let it.
It gets better if you try.
Begin to put the pieces together and remake sense of everything


This is a poem I wrote in 2013 at a Warrior Writers workshop and it was published in the Warrior Writers 4th Anthology.