Current State of Affairs

Years of fear have brought us here
Anger grew to hate
No one listens, no one talks
Now we fear our fate

Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles
We're all torn apart
Everything we're supposed to love
We somehow have forgot

Until we listen we will not know
What others talk about
Stop the brain stop the pain
And listen with your heart

The walls must fall that divide us all
That keep us far apart
Bridges heal, bridges grow
Give us a new start

So stop the tears, and stop the fears
We need something new
Building love, building trust
building what is true

So take my hand we'll march together
Fight to live a new forever
Here for you, here for me
Here for all those that will be

And when we win, they will know
We fought with all our heart and soul
Fought for justice, Fought for life
Always fighting for what's right