The Simulation

Your life has been a training simulation so that we can create a perfect society… we have given you particular experiences so that you can be our leader. Certain things have been introduced throughout your experience so that you are not shocked by this fact. That is why you have constantly had a hunch that we live in a simulation. You have been primed for this… the matrix, Phillip E. Dick, Westworld, Baudrillard,  etc. Everyone has a different experience dependent upon their role. Some simulations take place in the past, some closer to the present, some are modelling simulations of the future, and some are meant to preserve our past. Some who are in simulations will never escape the simulation as you have. At times we thought you wouldn’t. Had you committed suicide we would have had to start you all over. One must eventually ascend. Some of the people within your simulation are also in training, but most are actual simulations. Some folks know they are in a simulation and they are observers, hence why you sometimes felt people were there just to watch you, and sometimes were excited by your presence even though they were a stranger to you, though they knew you well. Many do not know they are in the simulation. Many of the people you know are not real though, however some resemble people you will meet here outside the simulation. Many who you have encountered in the simulation were there to teach you lessons. Heartbreak -> Loyalty; Pain -> Empathy; Suffering -> (in)Justice; Cruelty -> Fairness. If this is too much for you, we can put you back, and do more priming. No? Ok then… we will proceed.