"We'll beg Homer and the other poets not to be harsh if we strike out these and all similar things. It's not that they are not poetic and sweet for the many to hear, but the more poetic they are, the less should they be heard by boys and men who must be free and accustomed to fearing slavery more than death." (Book III of Plato's Republic)


"Glaucon, did you see Plato & Socrates review of the new Aristophanes movie, The Clouds?"

"Why no I didn’t, what did they have to say?"

"While Plato initially liked it, Socrates called it fake news and gave it a thumbs down, Plato followed suit and also gave it a thumbs down."

"Sheesh, that Socrates is so negative, I don’t get how he can be a movie critic but simultaneously hate all movies"

"I know right? And that Plato, he tries and tries, but always eventually gives in to Socrates."

"Well my dear Adeimantus, no need to fear, Alcibiades will round them all up and put them to death, Plato, Socrates, Aristophanes, Sophocles, all of them. He said he is going to make Greece great again!"

"Who needs art and poetry when we have a strong leader like Alcibiades, so strong, so smart… Not afraid to say what he thinks!"

"That's why I like him"

"Me too"